xCloud for consoles is now available. You can even run Xbox Series X games on the Xbox One

Microsoft has just officially announced the release of the xCloud service on consoles. Thanks to this, even the first Xbox One will be able to run games from the Xbox Series X.

xCloud, or Xbox Cloud Gaming, is a Microsoft service that allows you to stream games from the cloud. Until now, it was possible to use it on mobile devices and PCs through applications and a web browser, but now its availability is extended to current and previous generation consoles.

As part of xCloud, you can run selected games from the Xbox Game Pass library in the cloud. You must subscribe to the Ultimate plan to do this. After the November update, the owners of both the Xbox Series X | S and the Xbox One will be able to use this service immediately. In the beginning, the novelty will appear in 25 countries around the world.

Thanks to the fact that Microsoft on its side replaced the Xbox One S with the Xbox Series X in the server room, owners of older consoles can play games that are not available natively on their hardware. These are i.a. The Medium, The Riftbreaker or Recompile, and at the beginning of the next, even Microsoft Flight Simulator will join them.

On the Xbox One and Xbox Series S consoles, it will also be possible to launch the productions released for them in potentially better quality than after running natively (although whether they will actually look better depends on the Internet connection). I can’t wait to have the opportunity to test it.

about great news and it will be especially appreciated by those who have less than 1 TB of space in their console. In addition, if a game with Xbox Game Pass turns out to be the wrong choice, thanks to the option of testing it in the cloud without downloading it, you can save a lot of time and transfer.

In addition, the ability to run xCloud on the console has one more advantage – if we get an invitation from a friend to a game supported by the cloud that we have not downloaded yet, we will be able to join the game immediately. This will certainly facilitate having fun together.

It is worth adding that the official release of xCloud on consoles is just one of Microsoft’s many surprises for the 20th anniversary of the Xbox brand. In recent days, the company has released another 76 games as part of the backward compatibility program, added support for the FPS Boost function in subsequent games, and has released a surprisingly free multiplayer mode from Halo Infinite in beta a few weeks before the premiere.