Windows 10 with Windows 11 applications. The new Microsoft Store is now available

This is the end of testing the new Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users. With the update of the official repository of games and applications, Windows 10 PC users gain access to a much wider offer.

One of the most important novelties introduced by Windows 11 is a completely new Microsoft Store mechanism. The Windows application store is both the default source of games and software, as well as a service module that takes care of the correct operation and up-to-date operation of both Windows modules and third-party games and applications.

The Microsoft Store, however, cannot be as successful as the similar Play Store or Apple App Store. Technical limitations imposed by the Microsoft repository meant that many software developers decided not to include their products there. Despite the significant improvement in the situation, to this day many popular software for Windows systems is available only through external installers. The new Microsoft Store removes most restrictions.

The new edition of the Microsoft Store, which is just being introduced to Windows 10, has been available on Windows 11 since its launch. The store no longer forces software developers to use Microsoft’s payment systems – these are still available, but as an option. In other words, the creators can use the ready-made solution (and pay a commission to Microsoft for each transaction in return) or use any other payment system.

Many technical limitations have also disappeared. Applications placed in the Microsoft Store no longer have to be developed within a set of limited technologies. Creators can include Win32, .NET, UWP, Xamarin, Electron, React Native, PWA, Windows App and many more. The Microsoft Store will invariably supervise these applications, ensuring that they are up-to-date and secure.

The effects can be seen. Although the new Microsoft Store so far was available only on Windows 11, today the offer is significantly different from the old edition from Windows 10. The number of applications is constantly growing, including Adobe, Mozilla, Discord, VideoLAN and many others.

The new Microsoft Store will not be available to all users today. The update is implemented in waves, gradually, on new devices. The user does not have to take any action – if you do not turn off the automatic update of Microsoft Store, which is enabled by default, the store will update itself to the new version. Manually, you can speed up checking for updates by clicking the Library section in the Microsoft Store, and then Checking for updates.