WhatsApp with new applications for Windows and macOS

WhatsApp for the desktop is a desktop application that synchronizes with the phone and allows you to conveniently chat from Windows or macOS. The “multiple devices” function extends their capabilities, Transferring data from iPhone to Android? It is (at least partial). End-to-end cloud backup encryption? It is too – for both Android and iOS. Messenger on multiple devices at the same time without synchronizing with the phone? It is too – thanks to the “many devices” function. WhatsApp is booming, and despite the constant problems, frequent crashes, and outflow of users, it is trying its best to stop them. New solutions introduced to the communicator will help in this, which will free us from the need to have a phone with us to check what is going on with friends.

Better late than never. The more so because the competition has long left WhatsApp behind. At least when it comes to access on several platforms. However, it is worth remembering that the “multi-device” service is currently in beta testing and therefore there are some limitations and some of the available functions simply do not work:

  • Clear or delete chats on auxiliary devices if iPhone is the primary device
  • Send messages and make calls to people who are using the very old version of WhatsApp on their phone
  • Tablet support
  • Display of location broadcasts on auxiliary devices
  • Creating and displaying the advertising list on auxiliary devices

The third point, tablet support, will soon be out of date. The current “WhatsApp for desktop” applications for Windows and macOS will also be out of date. As reported by WABetaInfo, developers are constantly working on WhatsApp for iPads. This time we found out that it will be based on Mac Catalyst. And this will allow it to run not only on Apple tablets but also on Mac computers. One universal application available in the App Store will allow for quick, convenient, and easier use of the computer from any device – not only from the phone.

WhatsApp for iPad is still unavailable and it is still unknown when the application will appear in the App Store, but changes that have been made in the messenger in recent weeks – including the ability to use it on several devices without synchronizing with the phone suggest that new applications for macOS and iPadOS will appear soon. The more so because WhatsApp has just released a new application for Windows-based on UWP (Universal Windows Platform) that allows you to create applications for a wide range of devices, including personal computers, mobile devices, as well as Xbox, HoloLens, IoT, and Surface Hub devices.