Users of the new Samsung headphones complain of ear infection problems

It is getting louder and louder about the problems with the new Samsung headphones, whose users complain about health problems. Apparently, the giant has already taken the first steps to help them.

We use products on a daily basis, not necessarily thinking about the risks that may be associated with them. Today the world has heard that Samsung headphones – Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro can lead to ear infections. Users – not to say massively, but also not isolated cases – complain about such ailments. The case got so loud that Samsung reacted immediately and offers customers an easy return option.

At the time this text is being written, Samsung has not yet published its official position on this matter. You can read on the Internet that customers who have been affected by the problem can count on a full reimbursement or even coverage of treatment costs. It is also not known what causes the problems – the pretensions are ongoing and one of the most blamed elements are the materials that were used in the construction of the device – because such problems did not occur with the previous models. I myself did not have the opportunity to use the last Samsung Buds, but my editorial colleague was not surprised at all – and says that in his opinion these headphones strongly enter the ear canal.

On the occasion of problems with Samsung headphones, out of curiosity, I checked how things are in terms of the safety of using such products in general. It turns out that the topic of the harmfulness of earphones is nothing new. The examining doctors mention regularly recurring problems that plague long-term users of headphones: bacterial and fungal infections and regular inflammation. By blocking the access of air to the ear canal, the ear keeps moisture, which promotes the growth and accumulation of bacteria. That is why over-ear headphones – especially when used for longer periods – are to be a much better solution. In addition, it is worth taking care of the hygiene of these devices and regularly cleaning and disinfecting them.