There will be no Pixel Fold. Google does not believe in foldable smartphones

Google surrenders. The announced Pixel Fold, a folding smartphone from the Android manufacturer, has been suspended. The smartphone may never hit the market because Google does not believe in it.

If in 2021 we hear about the postponement or suspension of the premiere, the first association is the famous “problems in the supply chain”. The situation with the foldable Google Pixel Fold is completely different.

Pixel Fold was already designed, and it was said that it would go on sale in late 2021 or early 2022. However, this will not happen, because Google canceled the supply of components. At your own request, not because of pandemic chip issues.

According to reports by DSCC, an organization dealing with the global display market, Google has abandoned Pixel Fold components because it has lost faith in the project. Pixel Fold “wouldn’t be as competitive as it should be.”

The name of Samsung is mentioned in the DSCC reports. Google was to recognize that Pixel Fold has no chance of colliding with Samsung’s foldable smartphones. It would offer nothing more than what the Koreans are proposing.

So we have a very unusual market situation. Google Pixel Fold had a chance to be the first foldable smartphone in which the hardware part and the system were created by one company. It could be a show of what is possible on a foldable smartphone. However, this will not happen.

Was Google afraid of a financial flop? I dare say no. Pixel series smartphones are an absolute niche. Google can afford to create them, because in the scale of the entire enterprise it is a minor business. Remember that Google is an advertising company that lives on the algorithm of suggesting interesting content to users. Everything else is just an envelope. The smartphone section – whether folded or flat – is only a minor addition. Completely different than, for example, in the case of Apple, whose business is mostly based on the iPhone.

Since Pixel Fold was not supposed to be made for profit, and yet Google gave it up, it can be concluded that the Android manufacturer does not believe in the entire segment of foldable smartphones. Of course, no one in the company will confirm or deny it. The development of Android still involves adapting the system to folding screens, so Google does not completely cut itself off from this topic.

The market is certainly not cutting off, because Samsung has put a lot of emphasis on the development of two product lines among foldable smartphones, i.e. Z Fold and Z Flip. Samsung has the greatest successes, but it is not the only one, because Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo have also tried their hand at folding smartphones.

What’s more, Oppo intends to put even more emphasis on folded smartphones, because in a month we are to see a new device of this type. For now, we only know about him that the code name is “Peacock”, meaning Paw. The smartphone is to hit the market just before Christmas.

So you can see that the market of folded smartphones is constantly developing, but Google’s decision to abandon Pixel Fold should turn on the red lamp to other manufacturers. Such a move by the Android manufacturer himself must definitely be carefully analyzed.