Super Mario 64 on Apple TV? Yes, but not from Nintendo

Nintendo games available for mobile devices are primarily free-to-play productions. We will probably never get full-fledged titles. However, this does not stop fans of the big N who like programming, who has just prepared the Super Mario 64 port on Apple TV.

Apple’s ecosystem is not one of those that game emulation enthusiasts think about in the first place. While there is no major problem with this on computers, things get more complicated on tablets, smartphones, or a TV set-top box. I will not say that emulation does not exist there – because it is rubbish. There are emulators available, you just can’t install them easily – in most cases, you have to reach for additional tools, and it’s fun that the lion’s share of users wants nothing to do with. Too much hassle.

Port of Super Mario 64, one of the most important 3D platform games of all time, came to Apple TV in the form of … a clean port. And one that works at 60 frames per second. It looks phenomenal, but there are also complications to getting it running.

The entire project is based on Super Mario 64 designed for … the browser. The community on GitHub some time ago prepared a project called sm64ex – and this code is responsible for Super Mario 64 on Apple TV. And taking advantage of the long months of work, a port was created for Apple devices – and you can also find it on GitHub. And if you would like to play it yourself, then … well – you have to get ready for some work.

There is no need to do without Xcode and an Apple developer account. Only then will you be able to compile the whole thing on your computer, and then via the Apple Configurator, then send it to the snap-in. And if that was not enough, wanting to be as fair as possible to Nintendo – the game does not have assets, so you will also have to add these assets from the ROM – ideally, your own. You can find the exact instructions prepared by the author.