It went fast. Samsung has released Android 12 for the first phones. Which smartphones will get the system?

Android with One UI 4.0, based on Android 12, has just been officially released for the Galaxy S21 line. Samsung announces that more models will soon join it. Only Google and its Pixel were faster.

It seems that the times when Samsung released the new Android many months after the premiere of the original version from Google is a thing of the past. The Korean manufacturer is ready for the second time with the update – and this despite conducting long public beta-tests to help detect possible defects.

Android with One UI 4.0 is Samsung’s system based on Android 12 with Play Services. From today, it is available on all variants of the Galaxy S21 line. With one small caveat: the update is released gradually to subsequent users, not everyone will see it right away.

The public beta-tests for the S21, S21 +, and S21 Ultra models started in mid-September. They were quite fruitful: thanks to them, Samsung published as many as four large updates of the test version before the company decided that the system was suitable for wide distribution.

It’s worth noting that Android 12 arrived on Pixel phones in mid-October. They get the new Google system almost always first – for a simple reason, Pixels are created by the same company as Android. The companies OnePlus and Oppo should also appear quickly because they have also been running their test programs for a long time. For today, however, they do not offer upgrades to the new version to ordinary users.

Android 12 with One UI 4.0, of course, introduces almost all new features from the original Android 12, including more advanced privacy protection mechanisms, dynamic interface coloring based on a set wallpaper, or any other more or less important news.

Samsung, for its part, has adopted the One UI design so that it does not clash with the aesthetics promoted by Android 12, and also introduced additional novelties, such as widget recommendations, better layout of the Quick Settings menu, support for dynamic sound source change, the mechanism for easy sharing of QuickShare content or new layout of the screen keyboard on the phone.

Samsung announces that in the next few months it intends to transfer over 25 of its models to Android with One UI 4.0. I keep his word.