It was supposed to be black, but it won’t. Microsoft changed its mind and the color of the screen of death in Windows 11

The BSOD will be blue again. Microsoft is preparing to withdraw the black screen of death in one of the next versions of Windows 11.

The Blue Screen of Death, or the blue screen of death, is already an iconic message informing Windows users of a critical error that requires restarting the computer. The developers of Windows 11, however, changed the color of the BSOD to black after years, but Microsoft apparently is getting ready to withdraw from this decision.

The BSOD screen color change from blue to black in the full version of Windows 11 was quite unexpected. Microsoft has previously combined with the color of the screen of death – including from blue to green – but so far it has only concerned the development version of the system, not the release that went to customers.

In the case of Windows 11, the black screen of death appeared not only in the test version but also in the full version released a few weeks ago. It is possible, however, that the blue color will return. In new versions of Windows 11 in the Beta and Release Preview channels, it has been colored in the old and well-known color.

In the changelog of Windows 11 in the preview version (Build 22000.346), there was information about the return of blue color in case the device stops working or encounters a critical error “as in previous versions of Windows”. This new black screen of death will therefore be a thing of the past.

Of course, a scenario in which Microsoft changes its mind again is not excluded. Its developers may decide in some time that BSOD in the iconic blue color will from now on be the domain of testers and a kind of easter-egg, and the production Windows 11 will include this new black screen.

Malicious people could add that Windows 11 in the current version has a black screen of death, because beta testing is still ongoing and, contrary to what we were suggested, it is not over yet. The new version of Microsoft’s system still has a lot of bugs and is not available to everyone …