Instagram with a subscription. Get ready to pay to access content

Instagram may have the option to donate money directly to your favorite creators for extra content. Periodic subscriptions are aimed at the application, which may not be useful to the creators of websites such as Patreon.

Instagram no longer even tries to pretend that it comes up with new functions for its users. Instead, it coarsely copies the solutions of competitors, including Snapchat (Stories) and TikTok (Rolls). For this he pushes them by force; I do not count how many times I have fired these short videos, when I wanted to add to my profile, like a boomer, an ordinary photo.

Until now, creators who built their reach on Instagram had to monetize them on their own – be it via native advertising or by redirecting subscribers to platforms like Patreon. It was there that their fans could declare that they would become patrons of one or another Instagrammer by regularly transferring a certain amount to them.

Facebook, I mean Meta certainly does not like the fact that the money passes the company over the nose. I will not be surprised if a paid subscription mechanism appears as part of the Instagram service. Creators could more easily deliver additional content to subscribers, but at the same time, it would make them even more dependent on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

Information that it will be possible to subscribe to something as part of Instagram appeared in the description of the application in the App Store. A whole list of different amounts has appeared in the section called In-App Purchases.

So far, Instagram has not officially announced the new feature, but its creators have not ruled out the appearance of a subscription a la Patreon. However, I will not be surprised if the amounts are given today change – the more that they are currently repeated several times on the list in the application description visible both in the App Store on the device and on the website.

Instagram would not be the first website that wants to be an intermediary between internet users and creators. A similar solution, i.e. sponsorship, was implemented by YouTube a long time ago, and recently, tests of the Super Follows function began on Twitter in the iOS version. And then, of course, OnlyFans …