In Tesla, marketing matters, cars are just by the way. When the electricity goes out, the world needs to know

How is it that if something unusual happens somewhere and a discharged Tesla is involved in it, the whole world wants to know about it?

Perhaps you have already read about the fact that last Wednesday, in the Westfield shopping center in London, an unloaded Tesla blocked the entry for more than 3 hours. We did not take up this topic, considering that it was no sensation – the car stopped for some reason and needed external force to move. Certainly, it happens to thousands of cars all over the world every day. There was no electricity, it stopped, and why was it missing? We won’t find out any more. Today, this news has flooded websites on probably every continent.

Commentators criticize that in a car with such large batteries and in a situation where the system communicates about the need to charge when the level drops to 20%, discharging to the bottom required a lot of effort on the part of the owner. And especially in London, where there is no shortage of charging stations, the Westfield shopping center itself has 24 Superchargers. And perhaps it was to them that this unfortunate man was headed. In any case – it got stuck, and as reported by Reddit users – for over 3 hours. Only after that time, Tesla’s service arrived and helped in making the passage easier.

By the way, it’s interesting that for so long there were 10 exhaust gas engines behind Tesla, which drivers were unable to get out of the trap. At least that is what the photos and commentary posted by one of the traffic-jammed after three hours of parking suggest. In the UK they don’t teach back up your sleeve?

No advertising, no PR campaigns, no promotional campaigns – the brand has entered the mainstream and is causing more confusion than many of the more meritorious producers in the history of the automotive industry. Although it is not known – perhaps historians will one day put Musk in a row with Rudolf Diesel and Henry Ford. I am convinced that if the same adventure happened to Renault Zoe or Nissan Leaf, the network would not be too hot – an accident at work. But when the owner of Tesla is arming something – it’s worth making a buzz around it, because it will definitely click. Even when it comes to the intersection in Katowice – if Tesla blocks it, you have to write about it.

I risk saying that without the excellently pre-driven PR fuss and a series of favorable circumstances with Dieselgate at the forefront, Tesla would remain a niche electric car manufacturer that hardly anyone would hear about. The product itself is only a fraction of the success. Especially that initially it impressed mainly with its range. The old rule says that to be successful on the market, you have to be the first or the best. Tesla proves that the best is not a product, but marketing. And although I’m not in the brand’s target group – I respect the effect. I used to think that no one would ever convince me to buy Apple equipment …