Google Maps will tell you where and when it’s too crowded

Google Maps will inform users about crowds in places that interest them. Perfect in its simplicity.

I don’t think I’m the only person who does something while I’m going – he likes to do it in peace. No crowds, no queues, no unnecessary waste of time. And although it is no secret that the closer to Christmas or other hot periods – in shops and places that are especially frequented at that time, there is not much chance for even a little respite, there is a chance to get things done with a little more peace. And in the near future, Google would like to help with this with the help of relevant information in its maps.

Google is regularly expanding its platform. And while it still just calls them Maps – in practice, the tool offers many more options. It is navigation, it is an option to check where and what to eat, where we can designate a route between points and know which means of public transport to use to reach the destination. But there you can also see the occupancy rate on the given routes, and even the opening hours of shops – and other facilities indicated on the map. It turns into a true one-stop shop. And now the latest data layer will tell you in a simple way how big is the occupancy in shops … and different parts of the city in general. In times of a pandemic, it is not only a way to get out of the house more calmly, but also … simply in the world: safer. This will be a big improvement because the appropriate icon will appear directly on the map, and not only when selecting the object and the exact, hourly, schedule of the most common occupancy.

Like a small thing – but I must admit that when it comes to information about the congestion of public transport – it is very helpful for me. That is why I hope that the introduction of information on congestion in such a cool form will be implemented efficiently. The company promises implementation worldwide during the Christmas season.