Google cleaning robots drive into their offices. Will they also enter our homes?

Cleaning robots have settled in for good in our homes and apartments. However, the floor is only one element that requires periodic dusting. What about tables, cabinets and other furniture? X Company has away.

X Company is a company owned by Alphabet – Google’s mother company. For years he has been involved in the project Everyday Robot Project. Its purpose is to learn basic activities by proprietary robots. When in 2016 the first attempts were limited to grasping simple objects, teaching these quite basic activities required patience – the creators talk about the equivalent of 4 months for one robot to master grasping. Today, opening the door is not a problem for them. 90% effectiveness is achieved in less than a day – and not under laboratory conditions. But that was just the beginning – now it’s time for new adventures.

The company has just confirmed that a fleet of 100 prototype autonomous robots is embarking on their first major job. They’ll be cleaning Google campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area. And mechanized cleaners can do a lot. From sorting rubbish to wiping flat surfaces with a sponge (tables, countertops, cabinets). They are not afraid of opening doors and even arranging sloppy chairs. Google offices are just the beginning, although there are still several months of testing and developing robotic skills ahead of us. X Company representatives are convinced that in the future their metal helpers will be able to carry out many more duties. They are to be reliable and “trained” to help the elderly with their most troublesome daily activities.

On the one hand, I am very curious about the fate of cleaning robots. On the other hand, I can’t imagine buying one for my home and entrusting it with all the cleaning duties. The robot already takes care of vacuuming, and if I give up dusting and other household duties to artificial intelligence … I’m afraid that I will have too much free time. After all – I am very curious if Google will soon want to introduce proprietary cleaning robots not only to its offices but also to apartments and houses around the world. Although looking at how he did not introduce his devices to our market, we do not have much to talk about.