Apple is starting to support self-repair of their equipment: it will offer parts and tools

Hell is frozen over. Apple will provide spare parts to repair their devices and will also offer a toolkit to help with the repair.

Apple’s policy of repairing their devices has remained the same over the years: leave everything to qualified specialists. Authorized services and their own points were to be the only ones that touch broken computers and smartphones at all. Something began to change in this matter after a huge wave of criticism that fell on the company – a few days ago we learned that Apple changes its mind about the operation of Face ID after repair by unauthorized services. And now the company announces another change – revolutionary in its own way. It starts supporting the self-repair of its devices. For now: iPhone 12 and 13, but Mac support with M1 chips is also on the way.

Self Service Repair is a new project of the company, under which the company will provide access to original spare parts and tools. At the start, these are to be the most frequently replaced elements, i.e. iPhone screens, batteries, and cameras. The next ones are to be delivered to consumers later, but we already know that the official start of the new initiative is planned for the beginning of next year in the United States. Gradually, it will also reach other parts of the world. How will it work in practice?

Apple wants to make sure that each user knows what they are writing for. Therefore, before ordering tools and new components, he will be able to review the manual. When he decides to perform the procedure on his own – in the newly established store, he will be able to order the appropriate package online. The official news says that the company will provide over 200 parts and tools. Of course, you have to reckon with the fact that these will not be tasks that everyone can handle. The whole program is directed more towards those who are more friendly with DIY issues, as well as professionals who have so far had problems with the repair of Apple equipment and combine with various replacements, looking for parts donors, etc.

It sounds beautiful – and I am honestly surprised that Apple has decided to take such a step. For years, the company did everything in its power to prevent any repairs by itself, and the original parts were only waiting in places that have their blessing. Now the situation is changing, and as unbelievable as it sounds, one important thing was missing from this announcement: the prices of these tools and spare parts. We know that the store is to start at the beginning of next year, but if the prices are not much lower than what we have to pay for the service at an authorized service center, it will not make much sense. And I also do not fully believe that Apple would take away a piece of this cake while breaking its crews’ leg.