Apple is changing for the better. Encourages employees to talk about salaries

Apple has so far been actively blocking employees from talking about wages and working conditions. This, however, is changing.

Apple has a very specific status among users of their products. The company, as one of the few, actually seems to have what could be called a “brand philosophy” in its marketing materials promoting inclusiveness and equality. Unfortunately, this philosophy does not translate into what the relationships inside the company look like. Yes, there is no perfect company and every organization will have (ha-ha) rotten apples, but recently there has been an alarmingly large number of reports about how a terrible workplace Apple can be. Recently, news about sexism, abuse of their position by superiors, wage inequalities, and the fact that people responsible for managing Apple’s personnel have turned a blind eye to it for years have recently begun to spread to the media. The entire #AppleToo initiative was aimed at publicizing how Apple treats employees. And it has just achieved its first, small success.

The problem of wage inequalities was perhaps not one of the more serious ones voiced by employees, but it is certainly an important issue that concerns not only Apple but actually all companies in the world. Apple, however, had a significant share in it, and the stories of employees show that there were active attempts to block talks about the number of salaries and duties. Therefore, it is definitely happy that Apple is one of the messages sent to employees indicated that the company indicates that it allows each employee to talk about the number of earnings and working conditions with everyone, also outside Apple.

Of course, it can be said that this is a move of the company cornered by numerous lawsuits, which proves that there have been serious violations in this matter before. However, I am of the opinion that even in such a situation one can act differently. Apple has taken a step that is quite risky for itself at this point, which could further obstruct them in court, but I think we all agree that in the long run, such a move can help rebuild the company’s image as an employer.