Apple I auctioned for $ 500,000

The Apple Computer I, launched in 1976, was the first Apple product. Only a few dozen have survived out of about 200 produced copies. As previously announced, the American auction house John Moran conducted an auction of one of them yesterday.

The specimen in question is known among collectors as the “Chaffey College Apple-1” because it was originally bought by one of the university lecturers and then sold to the student, who until yesterday was its owner. made of Koa wood imported from Hawaii. Cases of this type were used by Jobs and Wozniak in some copies produced for the Byte Shop. According to the organizers of the auction, this computer has recently been restored and has many original components (however, they did not announce to the public whether it is also fully operational.) The kit also includes, among others, a Panasonic TR-930U monitor, power supply, cables, and documentation

The starting price of the computer being auctioned was $ 200,000, but the organizers of the auction predicted that it would reach a price of $ 400,000-600,000. Ultimately, it was sold for $ 500,000. At the moment, the highest price paid at the auction for Apple I is 905,000 dollars.