Apple Car will be intelligent as a Tesla. The co-creator of Autopilot will take care of that

Christopher Moore has been working at Apple since today. Why is it so interesting? Moore’s previous employer was Tesla, where he played an important role in building the Autopilot software, the autonomous driving module.

We know that Apple has been intensively working on an invention related to the automotive industry for many years. At the same time, it is not entirely clear whether Apple intends to introduce its own car, or whether it is to build it together with an existing automotive company, or whether it is to create only a smart platform for cars of the future, which car manufacturers will buy from it. One thing is certain, however: Apple has not abandoned the project, although there is still nothing to talk about, despite the passage of years.

The employment of Christopher Moore – who was co-responsible for the development of Autopilot, a mechanism that allows Tesla cars to run without the participation of a driver – is evidenced by further commitment, as reported by Bloomberg. Apple probably did not have to convince the engineer co-responsible for Autopilot to change the employer. Moore fell to Elon Musk (Tesla’s boss), claiming his boss’s tweets were out of the question and that Tesla’s Autopilot was not as advanced as Musk had suggested. Although it should be emphasized that possible problems with further employment with the previous employer are only speculation.

Moore’s new boss will be Stuart Bowers, who also left Tesla to start working for Apple. It will deal with what Apple calls Project Titan and what the media unofficially dubbed as Apple Car. However, the details of Project Titan are quite unclear, and we do not know whether the work carried out so far has been successful.

With relatively credible leaks – although still unverified – Apple Car is expected to use LiDAR scanners and video cameras to interpret the environment. We also know that Apple is in talks with Hyundai about Project Titan, but their nature is unknown.

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