A new rumor about Apple Car was enough for Apple to become the most expensive company in the world again

Until a few days ago, the most expensive and largest company in the world was Microsoft. The grace of investors clearly rides on a colorful horse, because after media reports about the new car, Apple has become a favorite of Wall Street.

Last week, Bloomberg published a report from which you could learn new, unconfirmed information about the car Apple is working on. Apparently, it is to appear on the market in 2025, be fully autonomous, and be very luxurious. It was enough for investors to love Apple even more.

After Bloomberg published the material, the company’s value on the stock exchange increased by 1.7 percent. – or, if you prefer, by $ 50billion. This meant Apple’s total valuation exceeded $2.63 trillion. It was enough to overtake the leader, which is Microsoft.

Why did these rumors have such a positive effect on Apple’s valuation? After all, we have been hearing about Apple Car for years, and the above information – although from a very well-known service – can hardly be called official or definitive. This was probably largely influenced by the investor’s note published by the investment bank Morgan Stanley.

This is the first press report that contains information from various sources, including whistle-blowers working for Apple. It provides enough detailed information to support the theory that Apple Car would accelerate the adoption of electric and autonomous cars in the market, expanding the market like Apple’s past new products, the note said. These past products, of course, include smartphones, tablets, and truly wireless headphones, which were not popular until Apple introduced a product in these categories.

According to Katy Huberty, author of the note by Morgan Stanley, Apple’s entry into the automotive market is the fastest way for the company to be able to double its already enormous revenues. Today, Apple is the only company from the Big Tech corporation that wants to start operating in the automotive market in such a direct way. Until now, IT giants, including Microsoft, Google and Amazon, were mainly involved in providing digital solutions for someone else’s automotive structures. The Apple Car, assuming that it will actually appear on the market, is said to be largely a proprietary design.