500 Internal Server Error in Tesla. Users were unable to connect to the car

It’s great when it works – and you get used to it quickly. But I am afraid that after problems with access to the car thanks to a smartphone, affected Tesla users will start carrying their keys with them.

The comforts of the modern world can make us lazy. Using easy access through the app, getting used to automation and simplification. And the truth is, it’s all cool when it works. And when it stops – things start to get complicated. The Korean Tesla owners, who had problems connecting their smartphone to the car a few days ago, learned about it.

Many car owners of the beloved company use a smartphone as a key – hence the connection problems turned out to be extremely painful for them because for several hours the car simply became unusable. And I understand, if they did not have any alternatives with them, and why, if everything worked without any problem so far?

Problems hit users a few days ago – and there were alarming signals on Downdetector immediately, as well as various forums and social networking sites swarmed with entries from confused users. Some of the injured, taking advantage of the possibility of direct contact with the person who will probably always be the face of the company – Elon Musk – decided to talk to him on this topic on social media.

Not long after that, the Tesla magicians made sure everything was back to normal. There were also a lot of questions immediately, why problems with the server prevent not only the opening of the car, but also its starting – and here the answer is most likely the aforementioned use of the smartphone as the only key and getting used to the good. On the other hand – if it is assumed that the complainants also had to log in, because the connection between the car and the application should take place directly, without the participation of servers.